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What kind of solid wood flooring material is good?

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Wood floors are wood do not fight, do not take from the processing of floorboards, warm and soft, natural and pleasant, noise, good foot sense.
First, the classification of solid wood flooring
1, depending on the machining shape can be divided into flat floor (flat Jiemu floor) and tongue and groove flooring (tongue Jiemu floor).
2, according to the different processing methods can be divided into vertical and parquet wood floors.
Second, what kind of wood flooring material is good?
Solid wood flooring material directly determines the life and price, the market is more commonly used materials are solid wood flooring Pometia, Okan, two winged beans, birch, maple, merbau, teak, ash, oak, elm , maple, walnut, Balsamo, Kempas, wood sub-picking, heavy wood ants, Bubinga, wire son ...... where Pometia, Okan, birch, oak, teak and other on the market selling wood species.
For better sales, affordable features, I recommend the following wood flooring material:
Pometia: Wood with a golden sheen, stripes straight shallow staggered, uniform structure. The market price is more it is a worthy start of solid wood flooring;
Okan: material stability, wear-resistant to termites, and the large wood density, quality is more important, has a classic beauty, more used to manufacture solid wood floor;
Oak: Oak higher grade, fine texture, tube hole invasion have more fill material, easy to absorb water (wine store can certainly not afraid of the water). Made of oak wood flooring with mahogany floors dignified calm, but lower than the price of mahogany floors.
For solid wood flooring good stability, we recommend the following wood flooring material:
Inca wood: Merbau commonly known, the material is very stable, heavy and hard tenacity;
Fiber skin Lecythidaceae: hard material, good stability, nice wood color;
Okan: hard material, slightly oily, stability is very good;
Teak: Teak rate of expansion and contraction of the wood is the least of all kind, and highly resistant, in all weathers, be easy to distort, is the world's advanced wood. But the higher price of solid wood flooring teak.

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