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How to choose the right room floor?

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Room floor also known as the electrostatic dissipative floor, anti-static floor one. What are the characteristics that room floor? How to choose the right room floor? Room floor and using it to pay attention to what matters? Confidence floor below Xiaobian introduce room floor.
A: Features room floor description:
Room floor with brackets, beams, panel assembly. There is a certain level of vacant space between the floor and the panel. Can be used to down electric lines and air lines, etc. Among the room computer room, data room, etc. are very useful. Due to its good overall performance, so the market is becoming increasingly popular.
Two: How to choose the right room floor?
1. First, the total area required to accurately computer room construction required room floor and various accessories (standard ratio of 1: 3.5 1: 5.5) the effect of the dish, and left more than a girl, so as to avoid waste or shortages.
2, produced by manufacturers to fully understand the variety and quality of the room floor, and a variety of technical performance indicators. Technical performance room floor mainly refers to its mechanical and electrical properties. Mechanical properties mainly consider room floor looking its bearing capacity, wear resistance.
3, should be based on the equipment on the weight of the heaviest device as a benchmark to determine the load room floor, which can prevent some of the equipment too heavy and caused the floor of the engine room water long deformation or breakage.
4, room floor less affected by changes in ambient conditions, that is not because of too high ambient temperature is too low Ariake and scalable, which is slightly higher at room temperature, room floor stretching expansion can not be removed and replaced; temperature low room floor contraction, resulting in loose movement. room floor environment shaped by the contraction response should be less than 0.5mm, the plate surface deflection amount should be less than 0.25mm.
5, room floor surface should be non-reflective, non-skid, anti-corrosion intestine, can not afford to dust, no dust, easy to clean.
Three: room floor Caution:
Floor surfaces ban washed with water, should be wrung mop.
Do not lay gas pipes, water pipes under the floor.
Do not scratch the finish and impact extrusion coated layer with a hard object, sharp.
Do not lift heavy items.

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