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What is the rubber flooring? Rubber flooring and PVC flooring What is the difference?

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What is the rubber flooring?
Rubber flooring is flooring natural rubber, synthetic rubber and polymer materials made of other ingredients. SBR, high benzene, butadiene rubber, synthetic rubber, a petroleum-product. Natural rubber refers to the artificial cultivation of rubber trees taken down rubber. In appearance, the rubber floor bright colors and bright, giving the impression of a very spiritual, prepare for the movement of people is refreshed. And its texture is soft, like rubber, while others in the movement in the tread rubber flooring, with unlimited power and jumping ability, very suitable for sports as sports occasions bedding.
Rubber flooring wide range of practical stage computer rooms, substations, precision instrument manufacturing storage sound the match factory, fireworks factory, the defense ammunition, non-skid deck warship office, sports stadium runway roofing freight yard damping requirements.
What is PVC floor?
"PVC floor" refers to the use of PVC material production floor. Concrete is polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, coloring agents and other excipients, in a continuous sheet substrate, the coating process or by rolling, extrusion or extrusion process from production. PVC flooring material according to the shape of the points can be divided into two kinds of sheet flooring and sheet flooring, which refers to the multi-layer composite sheet plastic floor. Multilayer composite pvc sheet flooring from the surface in the end, top to bottom, are the same color. Since homogeneous body stain resistance is poor, and therefore most suitable for home coverings multilayer composite PVC sheet flooring.
PVC flooring in the domestic medium and large cities so far has been generally recognized, is widely used, such as homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, shopping, sports stadiums and other places
Rubber flooring and PVC floor difference:
◆ different composition and production processes: rubber floor is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous rubber flooring refers to natural or synthetic rubber-based, color, consisting of a single layer or a multilayer structure consistent vulcanization floor; heterogeneous rubber floor flooring refers to natural or synthetic rubber-based, structure on includes a wear layer and the other in composition and (or) design on different layers of compacted, compacted layer contains a skeleton layer.
◆ color difference: colored rubber floor more difficult, because the rubber has a strong absorption color, so most of the color in a single rubber flooring; PVC floor color and much more, in any combination, can give designers more select.
◆ market demand and abrasion resistance difference: Due to the high price of rubber flooring, used only in some high-end places, relatively narrow range; and PVC flooring because of its high cost and therefore is widely used, the market has great potential. Also rubber floor abrasion resistance, at the airport, railway stations and other places large flow of people and aircraft, trains, subways, cars, ships and other means of transport are applicable.
 ◆ There are differences in the degree of in stallation difficulty: PVC floor texture is light, quick and easy installation; heavy rubber flooring, installation is more laborious. And rubber flooring installation method requires more stringent, if the method does not appear bubbles of self-leveling foundation requirements more perfect, otherwise it will exaggerate the grassroots defects.
PVC flooring and rubber flooring are some public places, especially in sports with more floor decoration materials, so some people would be easy to confuse the two floors, but no matter from both aspects of other ingredients, appearance and installations there are some differences.

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